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Rainey Icons

Every hero has an origin!

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Vampira's icons of her many different fandoms!


Welcome to Vampira1989's little community!! This is a place for me to share my icons with other people on livejournal. I decided to open Rainey Icons to have my different fandom icons more organized. Feel free to watch this comm and pleeeaaase comment my entries!!
The name of this comm comes from one of my favourite movies with my all-time favourite actor Johnny Depp » Secret Window. The character played by Johnny in this movie is called Mort Rainey and so I decided to name my community Rainey Icons!


The icons I make are open for everyone who likes them and wanna use them. But you a have to follow a few simple rules when using one of the icons.
01 » You have to give credit to me, the maker of the icon!!!!!!
02 » Don't alter the icons or use them as bases (this applies esp. for non-text icons)!
03 » Don't claim the icons as yours ore redistribute them somewhere else!
04 » Pleeaase don't hotlink the icons!! I don't wanna exceed my photobucket bandwidth.
05 » This isn't a must, but it would be very nice if you comment on my entries, esp. when you use an icon. ♥


Current fandoms you can expect me doing icons of.
CELEBS » Alexander Skarsgård. Robert Downey Jr. Johnny Depp. Hugh Jackman. Matt Bomer. Alex O'Loughlin. Ian Somerhalder. Lucas Bryant. Matt Davis. Tim Roth. John Barrowman.
MUSIC » The All-American Rejects. Thomas Godoj. The Bonny Situation. Mika. Katy Perry. Take That. Maroon 5. Robbie Williams. Duncan Townsend. Seeed. All Time Low. Luxuslärm. Selig.
MOVIES » The Fall. PotC. Soldier's Girl. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Australia. Sweeney Todd. American Beauty. The Prestige.
TV SHOWS » True Blood. Torchwood. Lie to Me. Castle. White Collar. Hawaii Five-0. Haven. Lost Girl. Californication. Fringe. The Vampire Diaries. Desperate Housewives. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice. Supernatural. Hung. Dexter. Eureka. Primeval. Wonderfalls. Pushing Daisies. Moonlight. Dollhouse. FlashForward. Heroes. Three Rivers. Harper's Island. Traveler. LOST. Terriers. Prison Break.